zaterdag 21 juni 2014


Yay! Finally sale again. I went shopping with Saar yesterday and I bought these two lovely items. The first item is from ZARA. It's a white sheer top and absolutely gorgeous. I bought it for 20 euros. The second item is from H&M. I think I have an addiction for lace bra's because they're so comfortable and very cute! The 'bra' was only 3 euros! 

Monday I have my final test for school, history. I'm really bad at history but I NEED a good mark. Wish me luck! Have a nice saturday guys!

(i'm changing my blog a bit, sorry for mistakes or weird things haha)

maandag 7 april 2014


Long time no see! I can tell you all the reasons, but nobody wants to hear that. The only important thing is that I don't have a laptop or a camera, these things are very essential to have for a blogger. The good thing is: I finally have a job, by a supermarket haha. Not the best job ever, but it's a start.

In the picture you can see four of my favorites things lately. I would never put my underwear on the internet, but for this cute lace bra from Urban Outfitters I make an exception. I bought it a loooong time ago in the sale and I love it. Also, you can see my new shoes from H&M and my new rucksack from Primark. Love them both. The sunglasses is from ebay, for only 1,82 euros! You can buy him HERE.

zaterdag 7 december 2013


First things first: I'm a terrible blogger. Also, I'm feeling not so well because some things happened this week. I was very upset about it but now I'm okay I think. Because I do not have my own camera and laptop is blogging quite difficult. I really have to find a job to buy my own stuff and blog more. Haha. I changed my blog a little bit and I'm still not done with it, because everything isn't perfect yet.

My latest obsession is black, especially oversized black coats. I think they're very classy and make your outfit complete. I also loooove oversized leather jackets, but I still found the perfect one. Since the weather in Holland changed into a very dark, windy and cold country, I ordered a new coat from Sheinside. But have to wait for it for like 4 weeks mehhh. Also, I bought new shoes, the Nike Roshe Run. A litttttle bit to late with the trend, but these are the only shoes I like at the moment with dr. Martens. On the right side of my blog you can see my wish list. For like a half year I want the dr. martens 1461 because they're so perfect. I know what I'm going to put on my christmas wishlist!

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vrijdag 27 september 2013


// SWEATER vintage JEANS episode SHOES zara NECKLACE bershka \\
Yes, my hair is short! I always want short hair, so I decided to cut it. It's not a big change, but I'm very happy with the results. Yesterday I had a schoolparty, which was really boring, and today I'm free from school. My bestfriend give her 'sweet 16' tonight, so me and a friend helped her with everything. Now, I'm really tired, so i'm going to take a little powernap, haha. Have a great weekend guys! Do you have plans for the weekend? 

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013


// vintage shirt - Bershka leather shorts - ZARA boots - flower crown market \\

Say hello to my new goooorgeous boots. When the first time I saw them, I fell in love. And now there mine! I bought them in Barcelona where I was for 3 days. 2,5 weeks I was in Platja D'aro, a litle city next to the beach. A week before, I came back from Turkije. Istanbul was one of the most beautiful cities in the world (hehe, mine opinion) then, after 5 days of walking, ''sight seeing'', shopping and a lot other things, we went to Gumbet. We stayed in a cute hotel next to the beach with so many lovely people and the week that we were there, it was so nice! This is the last weekend before school :( I bought A LOT new thing in Spain, like the leather shorts and the boots and so much more! You will see them very soon. Have a great weekend guys! Oh and yes, i don't wear any make-up haha, only a lipstick. We all have those no make-up days right?

(photos made by Maxine, check out her blog, she is new :), and I'm trying to change my lay-out a litle bit, so if you see strange things, I'm editing haha)

zondag 14 juli 2013


Hi guys! Tomorrow I go to Istanbul with my mum and sis! Then, after 6 days, we go to Bodrum. I'm very excited because Istanbul is so beautiful! My camera is broken, so I made this pics with my sisters iphone, because my iphone fell into the toilet about 1 week ago. So stupid haha, I hope you enjoy your vacation and see you over 2 weeks!